7 Durable Dog Toys

by Barbara Murray

Finding a dog toy that is "durable" when it comes to my pup Dylan is quite a task. I can say honestly, he's destroyed more than a dozen in his short life and the total is probably closer to two dozen. His first birthday was in October 2017. I got him in December of 2016.

I've spent a small fortune on toys for him simply by trying to find something that will last. If it's at all possible to destroy them, he will. He works hard at it too. Through trial and error, I've found a few that have held up quite well despite his constant effort to chew them into small pieces.

So, I thought I'd share with my readers which ones we have found to be the most durable of those Dylan has tried. I'll number this list in no particular order other than ending with his favorite and what I think is the most durable dog toy I've found yet. None of these toys are expensive. But if you knew Dylan, you'd know why I don't buy expensive dog toys.

  • (7) Invincibles Snake Stuffingless Durable Tough Plush Dog Squeaky Toy

    Although Dylan has left obvious marks on this tough toy, he's yet to destroy the Invincibles Snake Stuffingless Durable Tough Plush Dog Squeaky Toy. Whew! What a name.

    He loves playing tug-of-war with this cute snake and I like it because I can aggravate him with one end while he's pulling on the other, which prompts him to drop the end he has in his mouth and grab the other end from my hand, after which I repeat the action with the end he just dropped and we go on like this for a while. He knows this toy by name. I can say, "Go get the snake," and he'll return with it dangling from his mouth.

    This adorable, yet durable toy comes with three or six squeakers. Dylan's has three and trust me, it makes plenty of noise.

  • (6) Kong Classic

    The Kong Classic is MY favorite dog toy. It comes in handy when I need to occupy Dylan to keep him out of the way of something I'm doing. He loves both the peanut-buttery consistency and chicken-like flavor of the Kong Easy Treat in the can and the cookie-like snack treats. Either is easy to insert into the toy and he works diligently for quite a while emptying the treats out. He appears to like both types of treats about the same. The thing I like the best, other than it keeping him occupied is that Kong treats and Kong pet toys are made in the U.S.A.

    This toy is available is six sizes, from extra small to extra-extra large and the sizing is based on the weight of your dog. Dylan has the Kong Classic, which is made for adult dogs and average chewers. He is technically an adult dog now but I certainly wouldn't call him an "average" chewer. However, he hasn't torn a piece loose from this toy after hours and hours of trying, which makes me confident that he cannot.

  • (5) Chuckit! Max Glow Ball

    I bought the Chuckit! Max Glow Ball so Dylan and I can both see it in the dark. Yes, we play ball in the backyard after dark. I bought the small size, which is small enough that it will not likely injure him if it hits him, small enough for him to carry in his mouth, but large enough for a human to throw some distance away.

    Even with the deck lights on and the neighborhood street lights shining in, it's not safe to throw his bigger balls in the dark because he likes to run and get underneath the ball in his attempts to catch it. That's why I passed on the blasters that shoot balls out. I was afraid he would get hit in the face constantly. And also, I'm not sure how well it aims in comparison to tossing the ball myself. (Yes, I'm pretty much on target. LOL)

    The glow ball needs to be out under a bright indoor light for a few minutes or just out in daylight during the day to glow in the dark at night.

  • (4) Kong Cozies Dog Squeaky Toy

    The Kong Cozies Dog Squeaky Toy we have is a tiny moose that squeaks when Dylan bites down on it. He loves the sound. I'm not real fond of it myself. However, this is something he will occupy himself with for a while and has yet to destroy.

  • (3) KONG Cross Knots Elephant Toy

    The Kong Cross Knots Elephant Toy is another of MY favorites just because I think it's cute and it stands up to Dylan's efforts to destroy it.

    I tell him to go get his "phant" and sometimes he'll bring it to me and other times he jumps up on the bed and chews on it, not wanting me to interfere. He's had this durable toy for probably seven or eight months and it still looks fairly good. Apparently, the toy has a knotted rope inside, making it more difficult to rip apart and it also has very little stuffing. Very little stuffing is a good thing for all this pup's toys. He absolutely loves to chew the stuffing out of EVERYTHING.

  • (2) West Paws Hurley

    The label on the West Paws Hurley packaging says "guaranteed tough" and believe me, it has to be to withstand Dylan's constant chewing, gnawing and throwing. Yes, he does throw his toys. It's so funny, he'll turn his head sharply and sling whatever is in his mouth, then run and pick it back up and do again. I love to watch him do this with his smaller toy balls, especially in the backyard where he has more room to be "creative."

    He also does this with the Hurley. This toy is non-toxic, has no latex and bounces a little bit when he slings it across the room. Shaped like a bone, it fits in his mouth well for transport from here to there and he has chewed this toy for hours and hours with no visible damage.

  • (1) Football by Planet Dog Orbee - Tuff Sport Dog Toys - Dylan's Favorite

    Dylan's Football by Planet Dog, shown on the front page and in our gallery, is by far his favorite toy. He has, at last count, 14 toy balls of various sizes and colors, some I've purchased, others people have gifted to him. Any time we offer him a choice of which one to play with, he always chooses his football. He actually has two of these, one of which has been put up for months. He was playing with my great-nephew one afternoon in the back yard and somehow they managed to lose his football over the fence in some shrubbery. I bought Dylan a second one and soon thereafter we found the first one. Imagine that!

    I should share that this is his most expensive toy, but considering all the dog toys that have ended up in the trash since he came into my life, it's really not. I'd have to say it's been my best bargain. And it's obvious that he loves this toy football. He carries it around in his mouth and bumps it into anyone in his path, trying to entice them into playing with him.

    Since day one, he has chewed on this football relentlessly. To be honest, he did manage to chew out the white areas, the imitation threads, if you will. But other than that he hasn't been able to gnaw a hole into this super tough dog toy. He also seems to like its unpredictable bounce when someone throws it to him and it hits the ground. It's made in the U.S.A. and definitely my choice for the most durable dog toy I've found to date.

I'm constantly buying him things and constantly throwing things away that he's destroyed. So, if you know of any super tough toys, made in the U.S.A., reasonably priced, non-toxic and fun, I'd love to know about them. Shoot me an email to questions@barbarapetcareservices.com and thanks in advance.

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