Frequently Asked Questions

I'm going to answer some of the questions we are frequently asked about our business and our services. I hope the questions and answers below provide you with any initial information you might want. If you know of something you think potential clients want to know beforehand, let us know and we'll add it to the list. I'll start with the question I'm asked most frequently and go from there. - Barbara Murray, Owner

Q: Do you keep animals in your home?

A: No, I do not provide boarding services. I provide services to your pet(s) in your home.

Q: When you do pet sitting for a client who's out of town for several days or maybe a week or longer, how many visits do you make to the pets each day?

A: That depends on the individual needs of the animal(s). With dogs, typically it's three visits per day minimum for those unable to go outside to potty without a human opening doors and such. Some pet owners want me to visit four times a day. Others with doggy-doors into an exercise yard require only a once-a-day check at regular feeding time.

Some dogs require a walk two or three times a day, others once, and a couple of my canine clients, I would have to carry to get them to go down the street. On the other hand, I have a few furry clients that would walk every hour; I believe if it was left up to them.

Typically, with cats it's once a day. Some pet owners prefer twice a day visits and other ask for every other day. It all depends on what the cats are accustomed to as far as when new food needs to be put out and potty routines, (scooping litter, refreshing litter, changing old for new litter, etc.) Many cats do not automatically warm up to new people and prefer no human interaction as opposed to interaction with a stranger. Others require daily interaction and play time. All cats are different, just as what each pet owner requires is different.

Q: How much time will you spend with my pets when I'm away?

Once again, it all depends on your pets' needs and your preferences. Typically, dogs that need to go outside of the owner's property for exercise are walked a minimum of 30 minutes. Many dogs are use to following a routine when walking with their human. For example, down three blocks and back up a different street, or to the corner and back, with "the corner" being an arbitrary mark several blocks away, is typical of some of the personalized instructions I receive.

I try to stay as close to your pet's usual routine as possible when it comes to outdoor time, feeding time, potty breaks, play time and bedtime. This not only provides your pet with a sense of comfort and security but also me and you, knowing your pet is not dealing with strange situations or circumstances in addition to your absence.

Q: Can you administer medications?

Yes, if it is medication recommended by your veterinarian. When it comes to dogs and cats in particular, I have years of experience at this.

Q: What do you offer that a boarding facility does not?

The short answer is familiarity, comfort and security for your pets. I'm not knocking boarding facilities. In fact there are several reputable boarding facilities in the area, a couple of which I refer pet owners to that cannot leave pets at home for various reasons.

My personal thoughts on the question are that I have several decades of experience in dealing with animals of all ages and temperaments. Each one is unique and I believe deserves personalized care. This is not often feasible in a boarding facility where a large number of animals are under the care of a small staff.

Too, I am not an employee working a job. I do this because of my love for animals. So, it's not a job to me. It's something I've wanted to do my entire life and can now do full time that I'm "retired" from the state. [See also: Why Hire a Pet Sitter?]

Q: How much do you charge?

See our Contact page for current rates.

Q: What if my question is not answered here?

Please feel free to call or text me at (502) 682-4318, email me at or message me on Facebook or Twitter.