Helping an Adult Dog adjust
to a New Home after Moving

Guest post by Kent Foster,

Man squatting down to talk to his dogAfter a move, it isn't only you and your family that will have to get used to your new home, your dog does too. And it can be a very stressful and scary process for them since they aren't used to their new surroundings. Here are some things that you can do to help your pet adjust to your new home easier and faster.

Hold Off on Buying New Stuff

As much as we love pampering our pets, wait a little while before you buy them new things and throw out the old. The same goes for your furniture and other belongings as well. It is normal that you want to decorate your new home with new furniture, but your dog needs the old ones to feel comfortable and safe in the new space.

Therefore, wait for a few weeks before you start replacing your stuff so your pup can get used to their new environment. But if you really want to get your dog something new for the new house get them a new toy or splurge on their favorite treats, rather than getting them a new dog bed.

Keep the Same Routines

Your dog is used to a routine and changing things will stress them out. If possible try and keep things going as normal. If your dog is used to eating at a certain time feed them at the same time. If they go on walks at a certain time, don't change that. And if they have a bathroom schedule, definitely keep it. Normalcy will help your pooch settle in much quicker.

Pamper Them with Love

Pay lots of attention to your dog. Let them know that they are loved. Don't let the stress of moving and getting things in order take away from your time with them. You are their life and they need to be with you. It can be very distressing to your pet if they are kept away from you or if you keep pushing them away or locking them up. They will not understand why you don't want to be with them and what they did wrong.

On the other hand, it is important to keep them locked up when you are moving things in and out of your old and new homes. You do not want your dog to run off and get lost. Or get crushed by the many boxes and heavy furniture that is being moved. A good thing to use for this purpose is a heavy duty dog kennel.

Keep Their Toys Out

As much as you might want to dispose of their dirty worn out toys, leave them out where they can play with them. The smell of these familiar items can help comfort them. Hence, these toys will make them feel more secure. On top of that the toys will also give them something to do while you are trying to get things settled. And if you have toys that have treats in them, even better, those will keep them occupied for quite some time.

Don't Leave Them Alone

Young couple holding a dogIt's very important to let your dog settle into a new home before you leave them alone in it. Pups are very sensitive to their surroundings. And if they aren't used to their new home, they can get scared and be destructive. When you do have to go, make sure to leave them with things that comfort them like their bed and favorite toys. Separation anxiety is also common in dogs after a move. So before you leave the house, make sure that you give them lots of attention, and the same goes for when you get home.

Have Patience

Lastly and most importantly, be patient with your pup. They might be fine in their new surroundings right away or it might take them a little while to adjust. Don't be surprised if your dog's behavior changes. They might act skittish, whine, bark or have accidents in the house. So don't get mad at them when that happens because they don't understand what is going on. All they know is everything that they were used to has now changed. It's very stressful for them and they need some time to adjust. Therefore, be patient with them and give them all the love that they need. And your move should be a bit easier on your dog and therefore yourself as well.

Ken Foster is the lead editor of As a long-time pet owner he knows the ins and outs of caring for your pet. And thus blogs about everything and anything pet-related from dog care tips to best pet products.

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