Relieve Stress by Watching Your Fish

Guest Post by Dennis Woodward
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Increasing urbanization and population add stress to an already busy life for many people. People often crave a relaxing lifestyle, while continuing to struggle with work, traffic, shopping, errands and family obligations from day to day. The numerous responsibilities and deadlines that a typical human brain faces every hour in today's environment make it pretty difficult to avoid stress.

Various studies have shown that people who live in cities face higher rates of anxiety, stress and other psychological disorders. Though there is much more to know about the causes of stress, it is possible to prevent and reduce it with the right efforts.

Does Stress Medication Enhance the Problems?

Some people think that medications will solve the stress problem. But these medicines generally come with multiple side effects that just further enhance the problem. Low blood pressure, nausea, lack of coordination, depression and decreased intellect are a few of the side effects of common anxiety-reducing drugs.

How Can Aquariums Help?

A guppy swims around the aquariumFor a number of people, aquarium therapy has become the most effective way to reduce the stress of daily life. According to multiple research studies, watching your fish can relax your brain. This is the reason why you see aquariums in many doctors' waiting rooms.

The presence of an aquarium allows you to experience a significant difference in blood pressure. Maintaining normal blood pressure helps the heart and relaxes tension. Stress levels slowly decrease resulting in a more positive mindset. The emotional health of the individual improves, which in turns creates more optimism and less stress.

For people who suffer from Alzheimer's and children who are diagnosed with autism or ADHD, research shows that aquarium therapy works effectively to help to calm the nerves.

Small Planted Nano Fish Tank or Aquarium

For people who desire to have the benefits of aquarium therapy, a small planted nano fish tank is often the right option. There are multiple maintenance advantages of choosing the nano version of the aquarium. A low tech planted tank setup has multiple advantages.

1. Lightweight

The sizes of these types of aquariums are small. Hence, the weight doesn't become a problem for the owner. You can easily place it anywhere you like. Most people like to place the tank on their office desk, which helps them relax during stressful times at work. You can choose the place according to your preference, based on individual needs.

2. Multiple Aquariums

Due to the small size, you can choose more than one tank and place them in multiple locations in your home. This way, you can have the advantages of aquarium therapy anywhere in your home or office. The maintenance is pretty easy, so that doesn't become an issue for you.

3. Small Species

Nano tanks come with small species of plants and fishes. The mini-species makes it easier for you to manage the tanks, so, you don't have to put too much effort into cleaning the tanks.

4. Quick Water Changing

The water changing requirement does not take hours like larger tanks. The small amount of water in a nano tank takes about a minute or two to change. Also, water changing is a weekly process, so you can do it at your convenience.

5. Low Maintenance Plants

Special plant varieties come with these types of aquariums. The easy care, decorative plants require very little maintenance and provide a beautiful look to your mini aquarium.

Finally, it is important to have a pet, as it decreases emotional loneliness. The human-animal bond is something that science has proven for years as being beneficial medicine for stress.

With these aquariums, you don't have to worry about pet restrictions in rental housing, as they often get excluded for fish. So, keeping them in your small apartment or your office should not be a problem for you.

Many people struggle constantly with some level of stress in their life. And while medicines are not able to provide a reliable solution, aquarium therapy can do the job.

So, it is time that you start looking for the right nano fish tank for yourself and give your mind some time to relax with the fish.

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